Me gusta vectorizar.

I enjoy making vector illustrations.


This is one of my lasts drawings. The robot was coulored in flash and final effects in Photoshop. The other creature was coloured in photoshop.


Which one of this versions do u like more? Que version te gusta mas?


This is a rough animation I did for fun a¡on a weekend. Hehe don't ask what the animal is 'cause I don't know.
Esta es una animacion que hice un fin de semana para las risas.No me pregunte que es el bicho porque ni idea.

This is a wallpaper I'm working on.


A yawn animation of a character of mine. Uno de mis personajes bostezando.


Another wallpaper of the previous serie.
Which one do u like more?

Otro wallpaper de la serie anterior.
¿Cuál te gusta más?


This is a small demo I did on my second year of 2D/flash animation studies.


I was formed as 2D animator but now..I'm working on a design studio..That's why I have to learn fast how to design..this is an attempt. Critics are welcome.

Me forme en animacion 2D pero ahora trabajo en un estudio de diseño.. por eso tengo que aprender rapido a diseñar. Esto es un intento.Las criticas son bienvenidas.